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The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System has everything needed to learn how to decrypt your spouse's heart so they’ll willingly give you everything you've always wanted from them….Under any circumstance. Without exception. Every time. That's not just an interesting tagline either. We mean it, and it's backed up by our guarantee to prove it. Whatever your spouse promised you when they said "I do"—we can help you get it.


Not only will you learn the secret to decrypting your spouse's heart but you'll also get instant access to our low-cost alternatives to therapy and marriage counseling. Each is designed to give couples an option to combat high marriage counseling costs and the need for never-ending sessions required from traditional methods. Our protection plans below help with whatever marriage events you're currently experiencing and also teach you how to handle new situations that'll undoubtedly arise in the future. 

There's no need to keep comparing marriage counseling prices anymore when our plans are so inexpensive. Simply choose one of the low-cost marriage counseling alternative protection plans below that best fits your needs! 

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*