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How Common Is Cheating in Marriage?

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

How to Fix a Marriage After Cheating

The last time you packed for a vacation, you probably brought along more than you needed, all due to the "just in case" strategy, right? It's hard to think of anything where planning doesn't make good sense. In particular, when the chances of something happening are more than just a long shot or if the consequences of not planning are more than you would like to bare. That's why we say cheating is common enough that people should plan for it. Especially when you take into account that most people do so for far less serious things, with lower chances of them actually happening.

What Is Considered Cheating in a Marriage?

Cheating can materialize in many forms such as physical, emotional, financial, etc. There's even a type of infidelity called "object affair". This is defined as pursuing an interest to the point it leads to neglecting one's relationship. A good example of this would be someone's obsession with their job, pet, or hobby.

That's just scratching the surface of what is considered cheating in a marriage. In some instances, there doesn't even have to be another person involved for it to be construed as infidelity. For example, cyber infidelity can happen via online forums, messages, chats, videos, and live sex cams. Though most commonly these forms of cheating involve another human, they could instead have an artificial intelligence component to them. The fact there's no physical touch or maybe not even a real person involved, doesn't mean this type of cheating is any less painful than the other types. Moreover, the mere fact that there might not have been real touch involved might make it harder for the offender to even consider it cheating, making the road to reconciliation that much more arduous.

All of this, and we haven't even contemplated that there are many different definitions of what is considered cheating in a marriage, let alone the many different words people use to describe it (e.g., infidelity, adultery, unfaithfulness, or entanglement). Or that there are cultural differences for that matter. Once those are considered, the numbers mentioned here or anywhere else regarding how many people cheat in marriage could be pushed higher still.

How Many People Cheat in a Marriage?

We wish we could say it was less but depending on what study you want to believe, the number of people that have had an extramarital affair is anywhere from 15% - 75% for men and 13% - 68% for women. And that doesn't even take into account that the people who took place in these studies could be unaware of what even constitutes an affair or just be flat-out lying to the researchers.

How to Fix a Marriage After Cheating

There isn't a catholicon available that can mend any and every heart instantly from the pain experienced from infidelity. Every situation has different details and specifics that need to be worked through, discovered, apologized for, and eventually forgiven. Having said that, you should look at the recovery from an event such as adultery or cheating as being more of a process to go through than a fix to implement.

So where does a couple trying to figure out the answers to the questions "Why do people cheat in a marriage?" or "How to fix a marriage after cheating?" begin? We believe the answer is no different than where they'd start if they were removing any other virus from their operating system (OS). For clarity, we define a virus as being any issue that can create negativity in your marriage. Under that description, infidelity of any kind definitely qualifies as being such. Admittedly, the pain from infidelity is of a special caliber but it's still a virus and the steps to remove it are the same.

We outline this virus removal process, as well as go over why people engage or partake in any Behavior(s)/Action(s) (e.g., cheating, addiction, pornography), in The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System. More specifically the Premium Protection Package. Touching briefly on the process, the steps both spouses need to complete to remove a virus such as infidelity are as follows:

  • Scan: complete a Self-Diagnostic Scan to find the true meaning of your dominant inner dialog

  • Identify: identify the virus (in this case infidelity) and its positive intent

  • Scrub: remove the virus from your OS utilizing one of the three methods available (uninstall, debug, code)

  • Defend: put systems in place purposely designed to protect your OS from future reinfections

You might've noticed in the second step of the process each person needs to identify the virus's positive intention. Lacking the benefit of already going through our system, this might seem to be an odd step to ask someone to complete. Without going into too much detail it is referring to the fact that nothing runs on your OS unless it has a positive intent—even viruses. That said, if the virus's positive intent is not found (for both spouses) the chance of reinfection in some way or another is almost certain.

Could Your Spouse Be Cheating? Scan Your Marriage With Our Free Marriage Scan

Yes, the possibility is there. And from the numbers shown here, it's more than just possible, it's common. So plan for it to mitigate the damage it can cause. You can do that by investing in the success of your marriage by purchasing The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System. It's everything you need to construct a solid foundation for your marriage to build and grow on.

Start the process of updating your marriage today by clicking here. It's a link to a Free Marriage Scan that looks for any kind of malware existing in your marriage. If detected, you'll be shown the fastest way to secure and protect your marriage from it.

Or if you already know a virus exists in your marriage you can choose one of the three options below. Each one is designed to give you little solutions for your big problems.

After reading all this, we hope you realize the importance of seeking out help and support for your marriage. Especially, if you're trying to figure out how to fix a marriage after cheating. We promise, that with the right process and support, you can turn the pain of infidelity into a catalyst for change and that your marriage can update into a better version than it ever was.

We'd love for you to allow us to be a part of the process of removing an infidelity virus. Or even help in the prevention of it from happening in the first place. If you're ready to update your marriage and install a much-needed update we can help….Under any circumstance. Without exception. Every time. We mean what we're saying too. That's not just an interesting tagline. It's backed up by our guarantee to prove it.

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