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Is My Marriage Affair-proof?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

At a minimum, there are three parties involved in an affair. The two people involved in the marriage and an outside party. To be able to claim your marriage was truly affair-proof you’d have to be aware of all known and unknown possibilities and outcomes with not only you and your spouse but also a known or unknown third party. Basically, you’d have to be omnipotent, meaning all-powerful; omniscient, meaning all-knowing; omnipresent, meaning present everywhere at all times. Taking a stab in the dark, we’re guessing you don’t qualify.

That being the case, you’ll have to be okay with your marriage either being affair-resistant or affair-proofup to a point. And if you're honest with yourself, the latter option in all actuality just means affair-resistant anyways. Regardless of which option you choose to believe your marriage falls under, the reality is—infidelity is possible.

In some of our earlier content, we showed you how you can protect your marriage from infidelity. We also discussed if your spouse is cheating or thinking about cheating and what you can do about it. Both were discussed from the angle of an infidelity happening to you, not because of you. That said, let’s concentrate on the flip side. Which would be defending your spouse from an infidelity or an affair you might initiate.

A good place for you to start would be taking the same wisdom in our content and applying it to yourself, instead of your spouse; but, there are other things you can do also. Let’s go over some and discuss why you should do them:


I’m sorry. Were you expecting a top 20 list? So were we, until we started listing everything out and realized the whole lot could all be summed up in just one word—“honesty”. That means, being honest with yourself and your spouse about your needs, emotions, wants, weaknesses, etc. Essentially everything. The more the better.

By being honest with your spouse it’ll be easier for them to give you or, at the very least, work at giving you what you need, want, and desire. You’d never hide being somewhere you shouldn’t be. You’d never keep a fantasy from your spouse thus stopping its ability to gain footing in your mind or heart.

Being honest with yourself would mean you would know when a conversation started to become more than just friendly. You’d know when your actions stopped being helpful, and instead, became advances. You’d know when your thoughts become desires instead of just concern; or, when that glance went from curiosity to passion.

Being honest might be challenging if you didn’t lay the groundwork for it at the beginning of your marriage. You might have fallen into the trap of thinking it’s just easier to lie or keep things to yourself. And if you did, the thought of finally being honest might seem scary to you. We’d suggest you enlist some help if that’s the case. Going about it alone and without a plan can sometimes create unexpected issues.

With The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System, you’ll have a plan in place to circumvent all those issues. We show you how to begin or even start completely over from scratch and lay the all-important groundwork of honesty in your marriage; and, we do it all in a simple and easy way anyone can implement..all for the cost of a nice dinner with your spouse.

Get the marriage support every marriage deserves. The cost of our plans is a small price to pay in return for a priceless, 'til-death-do-you-part marriage with a lifetime of protection. The benefits enormously outweigh the unknown disadvantages. Not to mention with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, there’s no risk!

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