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"I can't say thank you enough when it comes to The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System and its creator, Joshua Knight. The changes and clarity it helped me gain in my marriage were unexpected and are truly appreciated.  At a time when my marriage seemed to be destroyed, it helped me navigate my chaotic life and the choices I needed to make. Right from the beginning, I was impressed with the system’s heartwarming, gentle, and non-condemning tone. I can't overstate enough how amazing it is to look back and think about how it sorted through the thousand pieces of a puzzle that my life was at the time and then put it all back together!!!!

I definitely recommend the whole system to anyone having marital problems. Specifically, the Premium Package [Package Two], since it did so much to bring my marriage back from the brink. I was surprised at how much ground it covered and that the subject matter wasn't just about marriage. Which is a big part of the reason why I'm writing this review because I got a lot more than what I expected or thought I needed, which is rare these days.


I'm happy to say, because of the system I will be celebrating my 32nd marriage anniversary this year and looking forward to many more. Thank you, so very much."

Justine Le - Wife & Supporter to my Husband - Dallas, Texas

"I was seeking clarity into certain situations I had going on in my life at the time.  I was really frustrated with where I was, and I wanted to start moving in the right direction, again. One of the things I really appreciated about Joshua Knight was his listening techniques, which made me feel like even the unsaid was heard.

Together we completed a Neo-Schematic Bio, which is a process he created to reveal the root cause and solution to someone’s issues. I learned a lot about myself, the areas I need to work on, and how to tackle my issues, now and in the future. Specifically, I learned I was hiding my true self and finally understood why I suddenly left my husband previously.

… I could finally start to overcome my semi-hoarding habits before things got a lot worse, THANK YOU! I de-cluttered my life and my house, which is still clean to this day. So happy it’s gone!

I would recommend Joshua Knight’s [system] because I believe the Neo-Schematic Bio works, bar none. It targets the issues that are most pressing which I could not, for the love of me, organize myself." 

Karolle Speid - Nurse Practitioner - New York, New York

“I had struggled with past physical, mental, drug abuse and a pattern of making choices that not only hurt me but those around me.  I blamed all my shortcomings on my family and as far as my current romantic relationship, well everything was her fault. I’ve often thought to myself how is it that I’m supposed to move forward if the ones to blame are not fixing it? I had no direction and no tools to retrain my brain to be the way I wished it would be.

I decided to do something when I saw Neo-Dom’s advertisement … I took it as a sign, but I must admit, the idea of spending my hard-earned dollars on something I couldn't touch, feel, or taste seemed foolish.

…I’m happy to report, that I’ve bought many things I love during my lifetime, but nothing compares to the investment I made in myself … I’ve learned The 4 Cores of why I do the things I do and how to take back control of my mind and actions with long term fixes not just plugs. I’m still in the process of working on my relationship with the woman I deeply love but I now have a whole different set of tools to help me with that. The way Josh Knight breaks it down [with The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System] is phenomenal.  It’s obvious to me he cares about helping people and believe me it shows in his work.  I look forward every day to applying my new knowledge in my new life.  Five stars, fireworks, and high-fives. Highly recommend [the system] to anyone really needing to truly find their way again." 

Michael John K. - Professional Long-Haul Truck Driver - May Trucking - Hemet, California

"I can confidently state that I could not have made it where I am today without Joshua Knight's coaching. There are three major influences in my life, and he was the first. He started coaching me when I was young, ambitious, and just getting started in my career. The things that held me back from achieving success, were much different from the other hundreds of people Joshua has helped. For me, it was my strong false sense of confidence, and it was preventing me from learning and connecting with people on a deeper level. Joshua finally found a way to shatter that, in a single moment during a session and replace it with true confidence. I’ve replayed that moment in my head many times throughout my life since then.

I haven’t seen Joshua in over 15 years, but I still carry with me his teachings and philosophy. For myself and my entire family, thank you Joshua!!!"

Michael Thompson - Client Services Manager - Interactions, LLC - Rockledge, Florida

"You sir, have been a huge motivation and inspiration in my life. In reading your articles and working with you through the years, I see how true to yourself you have been. I believe in paying forward the good that is received, to others in life. I am not sure you realize this but after knowing you for all these years, I now know that is exactly what you did for me. You paid it forward.

At the young vulnerable age of 19 is when I first walked into your office, and you immediately started molding me to the Blessing I am today! So.....UGH.... thank you, to both you and Amanda! For inspiring me to be ME! For motivating me to keep pushing. Most of all thank you, to the both of you for never giving up on me. I'm 36 now and feeling so good about my entire life's path all because y'all continued to push me. I'm not good at saying those 3 words...but I like y'all A Lot! Xoxo" 

Amy Perez-Moctezuma - CSR Manager - Houston, Texas

"I was an introvert for sure when I met Josh. He helped me push through boundaries that had previously been roadblocks. I learned to overcome things that were holding me back like the fear of talking in front of people or even having my voice heard. I never have sat down and counted the ways that his advice and teachings have helped me or influenced the way I do things, but I often find myself doing or saying something and realize that it was highly influenced by something that he has said, done, or taught me. He does not regurgitate gimmicky overplayed analogies or quotes, but rather uses a no-nonsense approach to tell you how it is and get you to use actions to get things done rather than complaining about your circumstances. He knows what works and works best with those who are committed to bettering themselves. The things he has taught me have helped me in aspects of my jobs, relationships, and now my own business. If you are looking for someone to push you to new limits and do things you never thought were possible, Josh is your guy."

Brad Turner - Owner and Photographer at B Turner Photography - New Braunfels, Texas

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