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Best Award-Winning Marriage Advice

Imagine what would happen to the divorce rate in this world if every married person would attend some form of coaching every month. During this time, the best marriage advice available would be taught to advise couples on how to communicate better, resolve issues, and get solutions to the problems they were currently facing. For maximum benefit, a couple's internet access would also be throttled back and only focused solely on content dedicated not only to giving couples good advice for marriage but giving them the best marriage advice possible. Take that further and envision an award ceremony celebrating the top marriages in the world being broadcasted on television every year. Do you think the divorce rate would drop? Could your marriage win The Best Marriage in the World Award?

The simple answer is yes to both questions! The reason is that you and the whole world would be focusing on it, underscoring that people can improve their marriage by simply getting good marriage advice and acting on it. Moreover, throw in an award and some recognition, and you’ll get people doing even more than just acting on the advice, they’d excel at it.

How to Save Our Marriage Advice

Best Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

With that in mind, live in that thought-up world for a bit by imagining yourself attending your first training class after just getting married. It’s called Marriage Advice, a class dedicated to marriage advice for newlyweds. Your teacher is The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System (forgive the sneaky brag for our product). You don't know it yet, but you're going to be this year's recipient of The Best Marriage In The World Award. All you must do is agree to earn it by implementing into your marriage everything you're about to learn in today’s lesson. Class is about to begin…

Build an Understructure That Supports Honesty

Imagine going to a computer technician with some issues you’re having with a laptop after an accidental coffee spill on your keyboard. You hand the laptop to the technician and tell him you don’t know what the problem is but the issues you’re having started after an update you recently installed. Furthermore, due to privacy issues, you instruct the tech not to open the laptop for any reason whatsoever. He affably agrees and informs you of his hourly rate before telling you to come back in a few hours. Without any mention of the coffee spill, you turn and leave.

Now imagine coming back to the shop and getting upset at the technician for charging you even though the laptop still has issues. Ridiculous, right? You’d never do that. But isn’t that what you do when you don't let your spouse inside of your heart to be able to see what the real issue behind an argument is or what’s causing it? Wouldn't you agree, that hiding the truth or your true feelings from your spouse is exactly the same as a lie with a bit of lipstick on it?

In this scenario, the tech got paid for his time, so you only negatively affected yourself. That wouldn’t be the case if it were your spouse though. They could spend hours if not days or even years trying to figure out what the real root cause of an argument is. And if you never did let them inside your heart, they’d be left scratching their head wondering where things went wrong. All of this, while you're asking your friend for how to save your marriage advice. Or worse yet, while you’re telling your new paramour how your spouse never did understand you.

You’ll hear us talk a lot about being honest with your spouse. That’s because it’s so vital to a marriage‘s chance of success. We'd like to think more people would do it if they understood they’re either going to invest a small amount of effort in being honest throughout their marriage or pay the ever-increasing arrears of lying in the end. There is no escape from it. The balance sheet of marriage will always get reconciled with both participants paying an equal price, in some way or another.

That being the case, our marriage advice for newlyweds as well as being one of our pieces of best marriage advice in general, is for a couple to make a fierce commitment to honesty at the beginning of their marriage. Preferably sooner, rather than later, before the little lies add up and make telling the truth seem impossible.

Talk Respectfully to Each Other & About Each Other

Newton's third law of motion states that forces always act in equal but opposite pairs. This means when you push on an object, it'll push back on you with a force equal in strength to the force you exerted.

This also applies to the way you argue in your marriage. If you say something crude or insulting to your spouse, the chances you'll be met with an equally slanderous comment are almost certain. Notice that we said "almost certain", which means when it comes to words, Newton's third law of motion is not a law. Albeit, a very probable outcome if you aren't careful. That's because you have a choice when it comes to the words that come out of your mouth.

Therefore, another good nugget of marriage advice is to respect your spouse as well as yourself by using respectful language when you speak to them, or of them. Not just in an argument but in any communication concerning them.

We're always flummoxed by someone saying something bad about their spouse. It always seems odd the speaker of the insult doesn't realize how it reflects back at them. If we're not mistaken, that "idiot" or "dumb a@%" spouse being disrespected, was chosen by the castigator's superior intelligence and intellect to be the one person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with. Why would someone pick an imbecile to be that special person in their life, unless they were of the same caliber?

As far as marriage advice goes, talking respectfully to and about your newly betrothed is one of the best pieces of marriage advice for newlyweds to follow. It will pay dividends beyond measure and help keep small arguments from turning into firestorms.

Best Marriage Advice in General

There are a plethora of things that can have a huge effect on a couple's longevity and the quality of their marital experience. Beyond advising a couple to adopt the no-divorce rule already covered in previous content, we'll briefly touch on two of them here.

Get Talented at Saying Sorry

Have you ever had a computer run out of memory or RAM? It starts acting up, running slowly, and doing bizarre things at the worst possible times. Humans have an operating system (OS) with a RAM limit also. Once the capacity is reached, they don't work as efficiently as they used to either.

When referring to RAM or memory, we’re not talking about the remembrance of places you've been or great moments you've experienced. That's another thing entirely. We’re talking about the storage device in your OS that holds on to things like arguments, resentments, and offenses amongst other things.

When it's full, you'll have to either get more memory or delete some files that are using up space. Sounds easy until you realize choosing to get more memory is currently not an option our manufacturer allows. And deleting files is not as simple as it sounds because sometimes we are storing large resentment files on our OS that've been uploaded by our spouse.

Even though these files can be deleted from your OS without your spouse, it's not the preferred method. That's because doing so sharply decreases your RAM capacity going forward.

Thankfully though, our manufacturer was smart enough to create a solution. It's a keyboard shortcut or command called Ctrl + Alt + Sorry. It can be used to delete large files placed on an OS by someone's spouse. It's recommended by the manufacturer this command be used often in marriage as it is a very efficient tool to keep your spouse's OS working properly.

Being this command will have such a positive impact on marriage, a couple would be seriously remiss not to take advantage of it often. Not to mention, you'd be hard-pressed to find another piece of marriage advice that can be so easily implemented.

Wherever You Are on Your Marriage Journey Is Just a Snapshot in Time

All humans are alpha systems, beta at best. We're not a fully de-bugged, perfectly functioning, final system, running at optimum capacity. A lot of people act as if they're more than that— as if they were finished products. Now, becoming that is of course the goal, but people shouldn't confuse where they want to be with the reality of where they are. We are all zero when compared to perfection (us included).

This being the case, allow your spouse the development time to debug and fix the glitches in their system. To keep you occupied while they're doing that, spend your time improving yourself. That way, you can be worthy of them remembering to reach down and lift you up when they undoubtedly surpass you at some point.

How can we be so sure they'll pass you up at a later time, in some manner? Simple, it's because you picked them to be your spouse and lifelong teammate. And you would've never selected them for the job unless they had it in themselves to accomplish great things.

Why Couples Need Marriage Advice & Counseling

Where did the time fly? Training for this month is done and now it's time to put what you've learned to practice. Remember, you're already guaranteed to win The Best Marriage In The World Award. All you have to do is earn it by implementing all the marriage advice you've learned here. That way when you receive the award, everyone will know you deserve it.

As a bonus, putting into effect the marriage advice given to you will also make for a great foundation on which to build future successes. All of which, we hope to be a big part of it if you let us.

How can you do that? Well, remember in the beginning, when we stated that people could improve their marriage by just simply getting good marriage advice and acting on it? We'd love to prove that to you by offering you our comprehensive system that covers everything a couple needs to have a successful marriage. It's a DIY, low-cost, marriage counseling alternative called The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System (your marriage training teacher from the story above). For more details about what's all included, click here.

How to Save Your Marriage With Advice & a Free Marriage Scan

We wanted to end by letting you hear from one of our members. We'll let her say in her own words how The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System updated her marriage and gave her the marriage advice she needed when nothing else worked. Here's a testimonial we received from her:

"I can't say thank you enough when it comes to The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System and its creator, Joshua Knight. The changes and clarity it helped me gain in my marriage were unexpected and are truly appreciated. At a time when my marriage seemed to be destroyed, it helped me navigate my chaotic life and the choices I needed to make. Right from the beginning, I was impressed with the system’s heartwarming, gentle, and non-condemning tone. I can't overstate enough how amazing it is to look back and think about how it sorted through the thousand pieces of a puzzle that my life was at the time and then put it all back together!!!!

I definitely recommend the whole system to anyone having marital problems. Specifically, the Premium Package [Package Two], since it did so much to bring my marriage back from the brink. I was surprised at how much ground it covered and that the subject matter wasn't just about marriage. Which is a big part of the reason why I'm writing this review because I got a lot more than what I expected or thought I needed, which is rare these days.

I'm happy to say, because of the system I will be celebrating my 32nd marriage anniversary this year and looking forward to many more. Thank you, so very much."

Justine Le - Wife & Supporter to my Husband - Dallas, Texas

You can start the process of transforming your marriage just like Justine Le did by clicking here. It's a link to a Free Marriage Scan that looks for viruses in your marriage. If detected, you'll be shown the fastest way to secure and protect your marriage from it. Or choose one of the three options below. Each one is designed to give you little solutions for your big problems.

After reading all this, we hope that you let us help you decrypt your spouse's heart so they’ll willingly give you everything you've always wanted from them….Under any circumstance. Without exception. Every time. That's not just an interesting tagline either. We mean it, and it's backed up by our guarantee to prove it. Whatever your spouse promised you when they said "I do"—we can help you get it.

CLICK HERE NOW to view all protection plans available to you.

(To comment on any of our posts, ask a question, or request a specific post topic in the future, please scroll to the comments section at the bottom of this page. We'll do our very best to respond ASAP. Furthermore, any submissions will have a chance at winning one of our protection plans.)

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Sep 27, 2022

After reading this post I asked myself if my marriage could win The Best Marriage in the World Award. Sadly, my answer would be no...not even close. There are so many places in my marriage where I have failed that I don't even know where to start to fix it. I'm sure that I’m not alone in feeling this way but it seems useless to even try at this point. Any advice?

Joshua Knight
Joshua Knight
Sep 28, 2022
Replying to

Thanks for reaching out. Seeing your profile name is a guest, I’ll assume you’ve not yet decided to become a member of the site and purchase the system I offer. A great place to start then—would be to get the system. Please understand, I’m not just shilling my own product when I say that either. It’s just that my system was designed for people in the same situation as you are currently. It’ll walk you through whatever events you’re experiencing and take you and your spouse step by step through a proven process back to reconciliation. In your case, I recommend the Premium Package since it has a broader reach and should speak more directly to the events you’re experiencing.…

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