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How To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Can I save my marriage?

If you’ve been reading our content, at this point, you’re already in possession of some very powerful knowledge. But what we’re about to give you trumps all of it. It’s the answer to: How to save your marriage?

What if you and your spouse could have a 100% chance of saving your marriage from divorce by believing in one thing? Would you both believe it? What if we told you—if just one of you believed it—you’d still greatly improve your chances? Would you consider it?

Marriage is ‘til-death-do-us-part.

The funny part is most of you’ve already proudly proclaimed the above belief on your wedding day. You spoke it in front of your whole family. Moreover, you’ve probably got a video of you saying it to your spouse with honest tears in your eyes. In the background, I’m sure your friends supportingly looked on with approving smiles on their faces. What you might not have realized is what everyone was thinking but not saying. They were wondering what the phrase “‘til death do us part” truly means to you and your spouse. And without a doubt, every one of them secretly laid a bet on whether or not you’ll make it.

Besides a wedding ceremony, the phrase “‘til death do us part” is not often heard in everyday conversation. So, when it’s spoken aloud, it’s usually garnished with the respect it deserves. Rightfully so, because that phrase holds the answer to how to save your marriage from divorce. Within it, lies the power to change everything within wedlock and produce miraculous outcomes in situations that are past hope. It's saved countless marriages from failing and gave much-needed hope to people looking for a way to save a marriage. The power behind this phrase is how it leaves no other option. And because of that, magic can happen.

You May Be Asking Yourself "Can I Save My Marriage?"

Taking away the option of divorce guarantees you’d always find a way to save your marriage. That said, the popular assumption is because you're forced into finding a way, it'll make your current marriage lesser or secondary to the marriage you could have with someone else. That means less satisfying, less perfect, less fulfilling, less sex, less everything. No one wants that! But the reality is, if you believe matrimony is ‘til-death-do-us-part, then you’ll be forced into finding a solution for a marriage that already possesses what you want, seek, and desire. You just haven't figured out how to go about extracting those three things from it yet.

All that happens when you find a way to save a failing marriage, is you find ways to improve it and continue it. Yes, there’ll probably be some compromising, accommodating, and even negotiating that will need to take place for you to get past whatever roadblocks get in the way. Maybe even submission and capitulation will be in order. What’s wrong with that? Name one relationship you’ve seen that passed the test of time and didn’t have to do those things at one time or another. We’ll make that challenge even easier by saying it doesn’t have to be a relationship. It could be just two strangers stuck in the same room. At some point, one of the two will resolve to do one of those things I just mentioned. Even mortal enemies stuck in the same room will inevitably succumb to one. So why wouldn't you do this with the one person you proclaimed to the world to be special and like no other?

More likely than not you've done those things or at the very least you “feel” like you have. But through the course of time, you’ve come to sell yourself on the belief that doing so will either hurt you, has hurt you, or given you less than what you could’ve if you would’ve stood your ground. If either you or your spouse is feeling this within your marriage, then your hearts are not decrypted yet.*

What do we mean by that? In large part, decrypting is simply the ability to reframe your spouse’s flaws in a positive light, which naturally leads to wanting to better understand them. And if you understand them, you’ll be able to anticipate their needs better.

But why would you want to do that for a spouse who's hurt you or stopped giving you what you need? It’s because if you do, it’ll be reciprocated back at you. The reason we know that to be true is that your spouse is human and all humans are attracted to those who give them what they need, want, and desire. The more they get that, the more they’ll move mountains to stay close to the person who gives it to them. Why? So they can get more of it. And the only way for them to get more of it is to stay close to the person who gives it to them. Doing that for any considerable amount of time will mean they’ll have to compromise, accommodate, negotiate, submit, or even capitulate at times to the person who has what they want. Furthermore, if that person is you, then you'll have a spouse that gives you what you need, want, and desire. Lastly, if you have that, why would you ever even think about divorce?


We always want to bring you little solutions to your big problems. Keeping with that we’ve come up with some simple steps you can follow to save a failing marriage.

Step One:

Find out what your spouse wants, needs, and desires.

Step Two:

Find a way to give it to them.

Step Three:

Repeat if necessary.

We realize that this is a subject that’s very charged for some people. That's why we devoted a whole segment (Segment #12) to it in The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System. In that segment, we explain why we believe marriage should be 'til-death-do-us-part. Without exception. Under any circumstance. Every time.**

We challenge you to read or listen to it and incorporate that belief into your marriage if you haven’t already done so. We also challenge you to disagree with it. Either way, let us know in the comments how you feel about marriage being ‘til-death-do-us-part. We'd love the discussion.

Save your Marriage With a Free Marriage Scan

If you haven't already done so, click here to get your Free Marriage Scan today. It'll let you know without a shadow of a doubt where your marriage stands. You'll be able to stop guessing and finally know for sure whether or not it's safe from divorce, infidelity, or any other virus. And once you do know, if you need help - we can help you protect and defend it.

We'll also show you how you can access expert marriage counsel so you can get both the marriage support and the marriage help you and your family deserve, whenever you need it.

(To comment on any of our posts, ask a question, or request a specific post topic in the future, please scroll to the comments section at the bottom of this page. We'll do our very best to respond ASAP. Furthermore, any submissions will have a chance at winning one of our protection plans.)

*Discussed in further detail in The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System.

**It’s important to mention, that while we feel that way, we understand the necessity for others to have exceptions to the no divorce rule. Because of that, acceptable exceptions do exist, but we caution you to only take advantage of them during extreme circumstances and only as a last resort. Otherwise, you'll not give your marriage the chance it deserves. For those of you who’ve purchased Package Two of The Marriage Cipher Key Virtual System, these exceptions are discussed in further detail.

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